Our expertise


Our expertise: completion of your projects and support for your innovation

Our development teams work from your specifications and requirements to design with you the best galenic form adapted to your request and monitor the production of products from trial batches to industrial transposition.

Our experience in galenics means we can adapt to the ingredients chosen, regulatory constraints and the requirements of organic certification for your labelled products and offer products that correspond to the required use. We also help you adapt your formulas and packaging to changing regulations.

Carrying out trial batches means we can make your project a reality and work with you to determine the choices in terms of format, coating, and aromatisation.

For your liquid products, we benefit from the extraction skills of our sister company Golgemma, located in Rhône-Alpes, specialising in the manufacture of liquid extracts from locally sourced organic plants. We can therefore offer formulations of syrups, plant complexes and buds.

Each new product or reformulation is accompanied by all the documentation needed for its registration both in France and abroad.

Manufacture of dry formats


Tablets come in different sizes and shapes:

  • 200 mg to 500 mg round tablets
  • 700 mg to 1500 mg oblong tablets
  • 800 mg to 2000 mg round chewable tablets
  • 900 mg to 1100 mg caplets

We offer different coating options:

  • Transparent film coating
  • Coloured film coating
  • Enteric film coating
  • Sugar-coating


Our equipment allows us to produce capsules of different weights, and is equipped for capsules of sizes T1, T1+, T0, T0+, T00.

We offer a wide choice of empty capsules in our catalogue: gelatin, HPMC and marine gelatin, in various colours.

Powder sachets

We offer the filling of powder sachets, from 2 g to 50 g, in single sachets or dual-pocket format, as well as their packaging.

The complexes are neutral, in different materials according to your choice, or printed to meet your requirements.

Stick packs

The stick-pack format means we can replace liquid supplements with more portable formats that are easier to use. Our high-speed machine allows the production of small and large series of stick packs from 2 g to 4 g. The complexes are neutral, in different materials according to your choices, or printed to meet your requirements.

Powder jars

We offer the filling of powders in jars from 100 g to 500 g, in small or medium series.

Packaging of dry formats


Our factories are equipped with aluminium/PVC blister-packaging machines allowing the packaging of manufactured dry formats in blisters: capsules and tablets weighing less than 1200 mg.

Different presentations may exist depending on the formats: presentation by 10, 14, 15 , 20 or 30.

The machines are equipped with automatic cartoners, for presentations ranging from 1 to 9 blisters per carton.

Aluminium can be neutral or printed, and we offer PVC or PVDC, depending on the type of product and market.

Filling of bottles

Our automated counting lines from filling to cartoning can be adapted to a wide variety of bottles and lids, with the possibility of sleeving or induction sealing and the placement of desiccant bags on the line.

Pill boxes: glass, aluminium, PE/PET, HDPE, transparent or opaque, in formats from 30 ml to 400 ml.

Lids: clip-on, screw-on.

Our laboratories also have a tube filling line suitable for tetrascored chewable tablets.

Packaging of liquid formats

Our lines can fill bottles ranging from 5 ml to 500 ml, with a wide variety of types of bottles: glass, PE/PET or HDPE, and classic caps, dropper, spray or with pipette.

We can package ready mixes, or prepare premixes in our preparation rooms. Sensitive mixes without preservatives may receive heat treatment before bottling.

Our lines can also ensure the packaging of essential oils.